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What Is Yoga?

May 04, 2017
Did I just run 50K?

Last year I watched in amazement as a good friend of mine broke into the ultra running community. I hung onto her every word with incredible amazement, got lost for hours reading various race reports, started following ultra runners on instagram and was introduced to a whole new world and type of running. I had so many questions like; how do you run 50k, do you eat food while you run, don't you get tired, what if you get a blister, why does it take so long?I would spend an entire year watching and asking more questions. I didn't understand what it took to become an ultra runner, but as the weeks crept on, I discovered that I wanted to find out... (read more...)

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New to running, and not sure where to start? Join in on a group run where you'll find your pace, work on your form and learn a few tips along the way

Offering private yoga sessions in your home or at my home studio in Cambridge Ontario ranging in length from 30 - 90 minutes. Contact me to ...

Yoga is the way we connect our body to our mind. It's how we slow things down and become whole. Yoga is physically accessible to anyone and a regular yoga practice has many benefits on and off the mat - including building mind-body awareness, physical strength, balance and flexibility. Regular yoga practitioners also find themselves to be more relaxed, handle stress and anxiety better, and more conscious in their daily lives. Do you need to have all of these things mastered before attending your first class? Definitely not! Yoga is referred to as a "practice" because it is a lifelong learning journey. 

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