About Run Yoga Repeat

Run Yoga Repeat is a yoga business that offers both group and private yoga classes, fun yoga, run and mala making workshops in Cambridge, Ontario. 
Any type of physical activity can leave the body susceptible to injury. I'm very fortunate to say that sustainability and functional movement in yoga was a part of my teacher training, and that I already integrate these principles into my thoughtfully prepared private and group class sequences.
So what does this mean, and what will a yoga class with me look like exactly?
First, I want to help you make your body strong and stable, so that you have great posture in your every day life, as well as the ability to safely move through different postures on the mat. We'll start where you are, and progress together in a safe way. You won't always look like everyone else, and everyone else won't look like you, and I promise in my classes, it won't matter to me. 
I'll guide your body into the postures with interesting and precise cues and alignment, but I won't guide your body into someone else's shape.
Second, I want to help you make your heart and mind strong, so that you can live your yoga off the mat, and maneuver the ups and downs of every day life with a delicate balance of confidence and kindness.
Third, I want you to know that I've dedicated my teaching to integrity and kindness. That means I'm always going to give you an honest, up to date representation of what yoga means to me, and that I strive to be authentic and respect your time, body, all aspects that make up your practice, and whatever reasons you have for showing up on your mat.

So I know that you're probably wondering about me, and what my practice looks like...


Kristy Goss 

Completion of my 200 RYT from Pranalife Yoga in June 2016

I have always loved running and yoga and have enjoyed both activities concurrently for a number of years. As a runner and a yogi I will use everything I know about safe and healthy ways to strengthen and stretch the body while providing a great experience that will bring your health and life into balance. 

While my practice changes every day, and I do set goals for myself and enjoy moving towards and through more advanced postures, I can honestly tell you that the main goal of my practice always has been, and always will be freedom. I remember my first day of yoga teacher training, we were each asked to share why we were here, and not being prepared for this question, I remember clearing my throat, and with a shaky voice saying the first thing that came to my mind: "I'm here to let some things go", and I did.

The benefits of yoga are plenty and although I can't and won't promise anything to you, I do know that if you follow the principles of yoga, in the right ways at the right time there's something there for everyone. The amount of those benefits being directly related to the amount of energy you put into the whole process - and no - not just the physical appearance of the postures. 
Although I can say with confidence that they are important, and each time you enter, hold, and exit a posture, each breath has something to tell you when you can tune into it.


Lindsay Egan 

Completion of my 200 RYT from Pranalife Yoga in January 2017





with Kristy Goss